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Eco nature team

Welcome to Eco Nature Travel! 

Getting original from travel hobbies we join in Eco  Nature Travel team and to be as a small family. All of us graduated from university from different cities ll over Vietnam country but the same passion in tourism. As sincerely as we have, each member in our team wishes to welcome you to Eco Nature Travel family and gives you the real spirit for your Vietnam tour. Eco Nature Travel Vietnam is as a bridge to connect Vietnamese to the world. Nice to say something about each member in Eco Nature Travel Team!


Mr. Tran Xuan Hien – Founder & Chief Operator

Bachelor of Economic – Hue University College of Economics

Experience 17 years in Tourism as Tour Operator

Being the founder of Eco Nature Travel, I am the person who keeps everyone on task and closer together as a family both in work and lives. I reached to tourism from my passion and desire to explore the beautiful and local cultures not only in Vietnam but also countries in the world. With a great interest in tourism, the name Eco Nature Travel was born and has connected everyone in the world come closer to Vietnam people. When I don’t work, I love sport especially football, traveling around Vietnam on motorbike to Northern Vietnam provinces of Ha Giang, Apachai, Mu Cang Chai, Cao Bang are my favorite places for discovering. A lot of beautiful photos of landscapes, local people and terrace fields in my collection, I wish to return these beautiful spots to admire the exotic beauties at different times yearly. I enjoy my job very much and wish to have more and more opportunities to warmest welcome everyone all over the world to Vietnam and Indochina. I have the great patience for details and never satisfied until everything is perfect as my mind. I am full of fun; however, I am very serious in work. I am very proud of sailing Eco Nature Travel and give the best services for tourists.


Ms. Anita Nguyen – Travel Consultant

Bachelor of Arts – Hue University College of Foreign Languages – English Department  

Experience 3 years in tourism as Travel Consultant

I was born and bred in Hue city - an ancient capital of Vietnam which has long history and a culture imbued with national identity. After graduated from Hue University College of Foreign Languages in 2012, I have accumulated knowledge and improved my skills during working with the professional environment and wide experience colleagues of Eco Nature Travel. I am interested in tourist because travel broadens the mind, make us relax and all pressure of life disappear, that is the reason why I join in this team. I am filled with ambition to introduce the charming destinations, the historical-cultural monuments, traditional festivals, delicious dishes and hidden beauty of traditional customs as well as people of Viet Nam with everybody all over the world. As a sale of Eco Nature Travel, I will try my best to bring to tourist the deep impression, wonderful and unforgettable memories when set foot on Viet Nam and Indochina. I wish to make the tourist satisfy the expectations with high quality and well servicestour.

Hopefully, everyone have change to visit all of nice places in Viet Nam…for discovering and getting profound understanding about my attractive country...


Ms Pham Thi Mui – Travel Consultant

Bachelor of Arts – Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism - Hue University

Experience 3 years in tourism as Travel Consultant & Operator

Graduated from Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism in 2012, I have been working for Eco Nature Travel since then. My major job is to give the reasonable suggestions, advices as well as designing to visitors for the most satisfy itinerary. My hobbies are sports, music and tourism, so I am planning to travel around once I have free time to get more knowledge as well as new experiences. A warming smile to welcome you to our country and Indochina with the most satisfy journey with us!




Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich Thuy – Travel Consultant

Bachelor of Arts – Hue University College of Foreign Languages - English Department  

Experience 4 years in tourism as Tour guide

I have joined Eco Nature Travel since graduated in 2012 for its active environment for me as a newcomer to apply knowledge, skills and interests in communication and management. I love traveling very much and it is my way to refresh my mind. As a result, my goal is a professional tour guide. I am very proud of introducing the beauties of Vietnam and the diversity of the nations’ cultures, traditional values as well as lifestyle in each region of the country. It is also the great way for me to communicate to foreign tourists and brings Vietnam hidden charms to the world. Once having spare time, I will take my backpack to remote region to get new experiences for local festivals, foods, etc for my life and work.


Ms Cao Thi Bich Nhien  Travel Consultant

Bachelor of Arts – Hue University College of Foreign Languages - English Department  

Experience 4 years in tourism as Travel Consultant & Operator

To be born and grown up on the historic and cultural imbued land – Hue ancient city brought to me an endless love for my beautiful homeland. As a child of my land, I understand my responsibility for promoting the charming images of Hue as well as Viet Nam to everyone all over the word. Therefore, I decide to study English in major. Because I know that only if I have language, I can communicate the information to everyone. In 2012, after graduation, I began my way to work in tourism environment. Luckily, I have chance to work in Eco Nature Team. Here, I work with the active and excited people especially in similar ideal and goal. You guys, whoever you are, wherever you live, whatever you you do, I am sure that anyone among you also has a passion in traveling and discovering the new land. Come with us to enjoy yourself with the interesting experiences from Eco Nature Travel. I believed that our wonderful association – travel loving people will be a lever to help you carry out your wishes and interests.


Mrs. Le Thi Diem Chau – Accountant

Bachelor of Arts – Accountant – University of Economic & Technical Industries

Experience 8 years as an accountant

Graduated from Hanoi University of Business and has worked for Eco Nature Travel since 2010. I have experience of an accountant for 5 years until now. I love the company very much because everyone in the company is as a family. I always wish to contribute to Eco Nature Travel success and development and bring the best services with the most reasonable price for customers. I enjoy walking, listening to music and especially watching cartoon “Tom & Jerry”. I appreciate the supportive environment at Eco Nature Travel team and look forward to having a chance to travel together. A friendly smile you always receive from me once you visit the company in your voyage.


Mr. Nguyen Tuan Huy – English speaking guide

Bachelor of Arts – Da Nang University of Foreign Languages

Experience 11 years in tourism as tour guide

I have a degree in English Department with seven years experience in tourism as a tour guide with Eco Nature Travel team. I come from a village of Quang Tri province where is famous for DMZ – the divided border between North and South Vietnam during America – Vietnam War in 17th Parallel. My knowledge of Vietnam rich history and cultures as well as delightful landscapes throughout Vietnam gives you deep insights of the country. I love my job very much because of traveling chances with new visitors in the world. My hobbies are adventure travel, coffee and beer. How comfortable to enjoy a glass of beer after a hard working day – cheer & refresh yourself!


Mr. Nguyen Chi Duyen –  English speaking guide

Bachelor of Arts – Hue University College of Foreign Languages - English Department  

Experience 7 years in tourism as Tour guide

I am the youngest tour guide in Eco Nature Travel team. I was born and grown up in Hue ancient city, a former capital of Vietnam from 1802 - 1945, located in the central area of Vietnam. Hue used to be an ancient capital for around 150 years old. That is the reason why there are a lot of mysteries and the great unknown which are welcoming the travelers come and explore. I have worked as an English speaking guide in Hue, Da Nang, Hoi An, DMZ as well as different regions in Vietnam for 05 years. I love my green country so much and proud of its amazing nature, a deep orient culture blended with local traditional customs and long rich history. I like reading book, surf internet every day and travel by myself and friends to explore much more the deeper parts of life. It's so great for me to share experience with you.


Ms. Tran Thi Thuy Nhi – English speaking guide

Bachelor of Arts – Hue University of Foreign Languages

Experience 5 years in tourism as tour guide

I was born in Hue city, like my parents and my ancestors for at least five generations, it is an old capital in Vietnam and Hue Complex of Monuments – UNESCO World Heritage Site listed in 1993; therefore when leaving the university in 2010, I knew that tourism was the field I wanted to pursue. I became a freelance tour guide in 3 years, and then I have joined in Eco Nature Tour team because the company has friendly staffs and professional environment in working. As a native people as well as a tour guide, I am proud and happy to show tourists what a wonderful country this is! They are: beautiful landscapes, intriguing cities, rich in history and nature, etc.  Every day is a challenge working with different people and situations but it is exciting and rewarding. I really love this job and I always try my best to make every tourist satisfied and happy. My slogan in tourism is: Your pleasure is my success.


Mr. Khanh  – Chinese speaking guide

Bachelor of Arts – Hue University of Foreign Languages

Experience 15 years in tourism as tour guide

I am a new member in the family Eco Nature Travel for few years, but i love the Company very much because they give me as another family here. I have experience of being guide in 15 years and wish to give our knowledge of our cultures and people, etc to tourists once visiting Vietnam. I like sport and outdoor activities and have sense of humor so being a guide in tourism is my best choice to be my career. Very proud of our country and always introduce our beauties to everyone. Let pleasure your experience with me for impressive destinations in Hue, Da Nang and Hoi An…


Mr Cao Van Khoa – Transport operator

Experience 10 years in being driver

Khoa has been working in tourism for 10 years ad as a driver and transport operator since 2013 when he joined with Eco Nature Travel team. He likes sharing his experience with travelers who he take care well when travelling with him. He is a righteous, humorous and always put the usefulness of the team firstly and meet the demands of various clients highly expectation. On his spare time, he thinks of charity work to support unlucky people or goes to donation offices to give a hand for helping poor people and Dioxin Agent Orange. His passions are travelling to improve for a better skill. He always be punctual and polite with the trying to make customers travel to off beaten path into village and ensure them to have a great time with him. A warming smile once you meet him to get the impressive journey with our team as homeaway!